Turning Pain Into a Gift


Pain is very real. And sometimes it can feel overwhelming. It can quickly become immobilizing. But what if we could begin turning it into a creative force? In this episode we talk about the very real nature of pain. But we also explore how it can make us better humans and better artists.

Who Are You Doing This For?


Creating innovative work comes by having an internal locus of control. When we’re controlled by external forces, like the opinions of people, it immobilizes us. But when we create from within, things shift for the better. This week, we talk about creating from within and all the amazing things that can do for us.

Embracing Creativity and Critical Thinking


If you find yourself in a rigid, black and white environment, maybe it’s tough to embrace creativity and critical thinking. But it’s so necessary. These two things are the way we solve the world’s problems. In this episode, we talk about overcoming those obstacles and embracing creativity and critical thinking for the amazing gifts they truly are. 

What is "Good" Content?

When we ask the question, “does my content need to be good?” we often think about production value. And that’s a good thing to think about. But “good” is so much more than production value. How can we approach content and understand what connects with our audience? This week on the Artrepreneur Podcast!