Gone are the days of forcing people to watch your ad or visit your tent at a live event. Together, we’re creating irresistible creative encounters that draw customers into your story like never before. 

The Creative City Project is quickly becoming THE global destination for performing and installation artists innovating in their fields.

And Chevy can be the perfect partner!

Let's tell your story to the world in 3 easy steps.

CHOOSE a sponsorship level

COLLABORATE with our team of professional artists to create an irresistible performance or interactive installation around Chevy's unique story at our live event.

Work together to CAPTURE the live experience in a compelling way to share with the world. 

Here's an example of what we might create together : 

  • We partner with you, an international automotive brand.
  • Chevy is featured as the event sponsor in our national ad campaign leading up to the event.
  • At the event on the third weekend of October, we create an interactive keyboard (like in the movie BIG). The keyboard controls a series of melodic car horns and lights. When audience members jump on the keyboard, it plays the car horns and flashes the headlights. 
  • A team of videographers captures the live experience, and the video becomes a viral sensation beyond the life of the event.

Our maybe this idea :

  • We collaborate with artists from multiple disciples from around the US. 
    • A mural team from Brooklyn
    • Musicians from Nashville
    • Installation Artists from Charlotte
    • A dance team in Atlanta
  • And we make a series of short videos :
    • Documenting their creative process in preparation for their performance or installation at Creative City Project's annual event.
    • Put them in Chevy cars and show them driving to Orlando.
    • And feature their compelling installations, sponsored by Chevy.
  • Maybe there is a social/competition aspect as well where artists submit ideas. A panel of pros choose 4 and social media chooses 1. 

Our partnership means you become one of the first international brands to associate yourself with world's next big arts experience. 

What Art Basel has become for the visual arts and Miami

And SXSW has become for music and Austin

The Creative City Project is becoming for performing and installation art and Orlando.

These festivals have

  • become global destinations for professional and emerging artists in their fields
  • and have shaped the cities they call home.

As the Creative City Project grows, there is increasing interest from national and international artists. And artistic synergy and energy is bursting amongst our performing arts community. 

Where are we now?

In October 2016, our annual signature event platformed nearly 1,000 artists and performers for an audience of more than 20,000 in the heart of Downtown Orlando.

 Our current partners include : 

  • Professional Arts Organizations like Cirque du Soleil, and the Red Bull Bboys
  • Non-Profit Professional Organizations like Orlando Ballet, Orlando PhilharmonicCityArts Factory, and The Gallery At Avalon Island
  • Educational institutions like the University of Central Florida, Full Sail University, and Orange County High Schools.
  • Community Arts Organizations like Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra, the Maitland Stage Band, Bach Festival Society, and the Afro-Cuban Dance Company
  • Professional artists like Baltimore fine artist, Michael Owen; Local Flamenco and Mexican Folk Dancers
  • Emerging artists including UCF Performance Art Students, and interactive visual arts installations.

Our annual event takes place the third weekend of every October. 


Together, we show off your creative side. AND your partnership helps us get where we're going!

A multi-day festival drawing an audience of more than 100,000 from around the world by 2020. 

So let's create experiences around your story that the world wants to encounter!

Global Partner : $550,000

Targeting artists and visitors in key markets around the world.

National Partner : $350,000

Key markets throughout the US.

Southeast Regional Partner : $200,000

Marketing to artists and patrons from Florida and key southeast markets like Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Birmingham

Florida Statewide Partner : $100,000

Expanding our reach to Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and surrounding areas.

The larger partnerships above empower us to go beyond our partnerships with local sponsors in the follow categories. 

Single, Named Central Florida Presenting Sponsor $50,000
or Multiple Presenting Sponsors (up to 3) $20,000
Area Sponsors (up to 5) $15,000
VIP Sponsor (1) $15,000
Stage Sponsors (up to 4)  $10,000
Promotional Sponsors (unlimited) $2,500

What do those funds do? 

  • 50% to innovative brand sponsored programming at our annual, signature event
  • 25% to increased marketing of our annual, signature event featuring your brand in key markets in the designated region
  • 25% to bolster Creative City Project’s organization and other programming 

So, let's collaborate to help the world experience your story in a compelling and creative way. 

Email cole@creativecityproject.com or contact us through this form.

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And there's more!

Your partnership not only shows your creative side. It displays your philanthropic side too!

The Creative City Project is a registered arts non-profit. Your gift makes compelling art accessible to tens of thousands of people absolutely free!

As a free, artistically significant Signature Event, the Creative City Project makes art accessible to all. Built on the European style of festivals, we're sharing and shaping the culture of our city. 

Diversity is central to the Creative City Project. 

Creative City Project 2016 featured performers from over 25 ethnicities and cultures, including a celebration of Latin American culture. The performances brought together musicians and dancers from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. 

Creative City Project 2017 will feature compelling art from even more of the world's diverse offerings. 

So far, these partners and brands are helping Creative City Project thrive.

And these individual donors.

Harriet Lake

Ford Kiene 

Craig Ustler

Hal Kantor

Donna Dowless

Jennifer Quigley

Gregg Pollack 

Ted NeSmith

David Nelson

Bill Neighbors

And so many more!

The media love the Creative City Project and all of our photo-worthy moments, which means your sponsorship appears pervasively and regularly in the public eye. 

Let's tell you story and make awesome things in the process!