Content helped us double our audience, and now we’re helping you!

From the very beginning, capturing compelling content has been a key strategy for the Creative City Project. We were confident in our ability to create compelling programming, but…

what about all the people who Don’t show up. How Are we going to capture them?

We started simply, by capturing compelling video and still images at our live events that we could share later. If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen this image of a Cirque du Soleil performer captured in 2014.


It was lesson number one in the power of content.

Amazing photos and videos are the first key element of a successful content strategy.

Since 2014, our team of professional videographers and photographers have captured thousands of images. These are the foundation for our organic social media content as well as paid ad campaigns.

But content of past events could only go so far in engaging our existing audience and reaching new audience members. So we learned lesson number 2.

The best way to engage new and existing audiences is to offer something valuable.

Here are some facts :

  • Everyone is tired of hearing you and your company talk about yourselves all the time.

  • Everyone knows what an ad looks and feels like. All we want to do is scroll by it as quickly as possible.

  • You’re probably throwing away a ton of money on content literally no one cares about. (Not even the people you overpaid to make it.)

We knew it was time to do something different. So we started asking,

What kind of content can we create that people want to seek out and share?

So, at the beginning of 2018, we started creating the weekly “This Week In Art” segment, the weekly “Artrepreneur Podcast” and the monthly “Artist Spotlight” series. These pieces of content have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and shared thousands of times. Why? Because the content brings value to the lives of our audience members.

Then came the distribution. And we learned this :

Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

We live in an amazing time for content distribution. Gone are the days of throwing random content into the marketing universe and wondering if it had any affect.

Today’s social platforms allow us to distribute specific content to narrow audiences for the greatest return. We can now determine success based on real data associated with every piece of content we distribute. And then we can

  1. Double down on the stuff that works.

  2. Tweak the stuff that is kind of working.

  3. Abandon the stuff that isn’t working.

If you spent $15,000 on a flashy video that no one wants to watch, you’re throwing your money away. Conversely, if you shot a video on your cell phone that thousands of people want to watch, you’ve won. And today’s tools give us instantaneous performance metrics.

Why not deliver this photo to moms?

Why not deliver this photo to moms?

And this photo to people between the ages of 15-24?

And this photo to people between the ages of 15-24?

And this photo to guests who are likely to attend our VIP Experience?

And this photo to guests who are likely to attend our VIP Experience?

By Creating demo-specific campaigns, we reach more people more effectively.

So now what?

We have launched the Creative City Marketing Group to help you build your organization, reach new customers, and create campaigns people really do care about. Let’s connect!

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