Tell your story through artful content that audiences find irresistible and shareable.


Here’s the simple, three-step journey we’ll take together to engage more customers with your meaningful message.

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1. Define the Story : Clearly define your audience and the story you want to tell them.

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2. Create the Content : Produce high quality video and photo assets that your audience finds irresistible. And pair those assets with a live brand engagement if you want to take it one notch higher!

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3. Deploy the Campaign : our digital brand campaigns consistently perform in the top of 10% of campaigns on social platforms, helping your ad spend go even farther.

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Award Winning



Here's a glimpse into how Creative City Project worked with Corkcicle to bring to life a month-long, award winning, art-centric immersive photo experience.


The Worlds of Corkcicle : A three-story building with 12 built environments perfect for user-generated photos. This experience launched during IMMERSE and stayed open for an additional month.


Tons of shareable, user-generated content



The Creative City Project worked with OUC (Orlando Utilities Commission) to create a branded light installation that was the visual centerpiece of IMMERSE 2018. The installation consisted of more than 200 energy efficient light bulbs that illuminated each night.


The OUC Lights were installed in two parks for one month leading up to the main event. The installation highlighted Orlando Utility Commission’s push toward solar and energy efficiency. The entire installation came together in Downtown Orlando for IMMERSE 2018. The installation was captivating to guests and the impetus for the creation of thousands of user-generated images.


Connecting the digital world and the real world



The Creative City Project was proud to have Orlando Health as the IMMERSE 2018 Presenting Sponsor. Within a giant 60 ft. inflatable tent, we produced a branded interactive projection experience where guests digitally painted on the walls.

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This live brand experience was supported by a digital campaign that was as beautiful and compelling as the live installation.


The data on how our content out-performs


“The Art of Athleticism” is an example of a top-performing paid placement video featuring the Orlando Ballet and Dr. Elizabeth Davis produced for Orlando Health. The digital campaign, combined with the live experience, reached hundreds of thousands of people during the campaign and during IMMERSE.

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History of Success

Past campaigns have performed in the top 10% of digital campaigns on Facebook and Instagram when compared to other ad content on those platforms.


From a creative team you can trust


The Creative City Project team as a years-long history of creating content at scale. Whether it’s the work we do for our brand partners, or collaborations with artists at our annual event, IMMERSE — we love collaborating to create irresistible and meaningful experiences.

Mood Designers + Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra

Mood Designers + Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra


Let’s Connect and Create Something Meaningful Together.

Our brand engagements combine compelling live experiences and creative digital campaigns that result in a highly efficient and effective return on investment. What are your objectives?

  • Marketing Initiatives

  • Brand Building

  • Community Outreach

  • Government Relations

Let’s build a unique campaign to achieve those objectives.


I’m passionate about connecting artists and brands to create innovative arts encounters audiences can’t have anywhere else in the world. Let’s chat about how we can make something special happen!

Michael Caibio
Director of Strategic Partnerships



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