Cinematic Style Concepts : 

Black and White Cinema

(Cole's recommendation)

Saturated Colors

Bright Daylight

Location Concepts : 

Indoor Black Background

(Cole's recommendation)

Outdoor Golden Hour



Content :

Visual : 

  • Close, medium, and long shots of dancers
    • Both still and in motion
    • Showing the physique (but not salacious)
    • Showing the flex and bend of lifts and movements
  • Spliced with some quotes from 1-2 Orlando Health doctors

Audio : 

  • Background music
    • Cinematic/Orchestral (lends to fluid movement)
    • or modern, uptempo? (lends to sharp movement)
  • Voice over 
    • Just doctors
    • Or also some voiceover audio from dancers POV?

Effects :

  • Depending on venue 
    • Element like powder or water
    • Rear/Side projection
  • Speed ramping