Three Step Innovative Brand Strategy

Collaborate with us to...

1. DEVELOP A Co-Branded, Targeted Social Campaign

We target specific audiences, relevant to your brand. Using our high-quality assets, we develop a highly effective, co-branded social media marketing campaign. 

2. DESIGN AN Art-Centric, Live Brand Engagement

Next, we collaborate to develop an immersive and interactive arts experience around the most interesting aspects of your brand's story. Not only is it a meaningful live experience, it's something our audience will want to share. 

3. Capture Compelling Assets For Broad Digital Reach

We capture that live experience in images and video for further activation in the digital space after the live event.

STEP 1 : Develop a Co-Branded, Targeted Social Campaign

Facebook reports that our ads are highly effective -- performing more successfully than 90% of ads in our category.

Here's an example of our reach with a $252 social media campaign in 2016. 

These highly effective ads are coupled with targeted landing pages for each audience set. 

Click the image for an example of a landing page designed for families.

Click the image for an example of a landing page designed for families.

Click the image for an example of a landing page designed for the Latin American community.

Click the image for an example of a landing page designed for the Latin American community.

2017-08-24 10.02.38.jpg

Above : A still from the "Athleticism of Art" campaign we created for Orlando Health with the Orlando Ballet. The campaign had an organic reach of more than 100,000 before paid ads even started to run. 

STEP 2 : Design an Interactive, Art-Centric, Live Brand Engagement

Case study 1 : Automotive

  • We partner with a international automotive brand.
  • That brand is featured as the event sponsor in our national ad campaign leading up to IMMERSE.
  • At IMMERSE, we create an interactive keyboard (like in the movie BIG). The keyboard controls a series of melodic car horns and lights. When audience members jump on the keyboard, it plays the car horns and flashes the headlights. 
  • A team of videographers captures the live experience, and the video becomes a viral sensation beyond the life of the event.

Case Study 2 : Orlando City Soccer

In 2016, Orlando City Soccer was an area sponsor.

First, they drew audiences in through an interactive art experience



Second, they hosted mural artists as part of a OCS mural competition


Third, they engaged patrons through a social media campaign to vote for their favorite mural.


Last, the audience voted, Orlando City Soccer announced the winner. And the winner will paint a large scale mural in the new stadium.


Initial artist rendering of an interactive installation created in collaboration with our 2017 presenting sponsor, Orlando Magic. 

FINAL IMMERSE 1 cropped.png

STEP 3 : Capture Compelling Assets For Broad Digital Reach

Orlando City Soccer was successful in engaging the live audience at IMMERSE. AND they were successful in engaging an even wider audience through their digital channels after the live event. 

This art-centric Morton Salt/OK Go music video collaboration has been viewed more than 45 million times. It's a great example of sought after, art-centric, co-branded content. 

Our team of professional photographers and videographers create incredible work! Here's a sample of a collaboration we did with 

These three steps are a brand new way to engage your audience more creatively than ever before. Partner with our team of professional artists and excellent marketers to create irresistible experiences.