Help the Creative City Project platform a wide diversity of artists at our annual event, IMMERSE 2017.

Together, we will help Central Florida experience and celebrate Latin American culture and performance. 

Our 2016 event featured performers from over 25 ethnicities and cultures, including a celebration of Latin American culture. The performances brought together musicians and dancers from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and Puerto Rico

IMMERSE 2017 will feature compelling art from even more of Central Florida's diverse offerings. 

Here's how your sponsorship supports the Latin American community in Central Florida : 

  • Platform even more performances representing cultures from across Latin America for our 2017 audience of more than 25,000 attendees!
  • Reach the Latin American Community through a co-branded, targeted marketing campaign. 

As the sponsor of our Latin American programming at $5,000, here's the return on your investment :

  • 10 free tickets to our VIP experience to experience IMMERSE 2017 in all of its splendor.
  • $1000 of your $5000 sponsorship will go to a co-branded social media marketing campaign reaching up to 200,000 people including your Facebook and/or Instagram followers (see details below).
  • Recorded audio announcements thanking your brand before and after each of the Latin American performances live at IMMERSE 2017.
  • Your brandmark on our website and app.
  • Your brand listed as the presenting sponsor of our Latin American programming in the IMMERSE 2017 printed guide. 

Social Media Reach and Engagement Strength

Here's an example of our reach with a $252 social media campaign in 2016. 

Facebook reports that our ads are highly effective -- performing more successfullly than 90% of ads in our category. 

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