Tens of thousands of people come together for the journey of IMMERSE, presented by the Creative City Project. We need you to show them the way! 

IMMERSE happens because of incredible and generous artists, sponsors, and – of course – volunteers! They are people just like you who are excited to help patrons navigate IMMERSE and grow by trying new experiences. 

As a volunteer you: 

  • Get FREE ACCESS to our ticketed immersive installations, a free T-shirt, refreshments and snacks ($35+ value!)

  • Help patrons find their way through the journey of IMMERSE

  • Facilitate creative encounters between patrons, performers and installations

  • Make sure things run smoothly and guests are having the night of their lives

If you are someone who enjoys talking to others and making sure they have a great time, we would love to have you on the team. Click the button below, and we'll get connected.