Behind the Scenes : Our audience

We at the Creative City Project want to involve you in every aspect of who we are as an organization. Take a look at the stats on you, our audience. I think you'll find them interesting
- Cole

Where does our audience come from? 
Of course, from all over Florida

In fact, here are some of the numbers of where tickets have been reserved over our 2015 and 2016 events. 

• Miami 982 • Tampa 862 • Lakeland 291 • Gainesville 132 • Ft. Lauderdale 168

And we're also seeing growth nationally!

You can see tickets reserved by audience members from major cities all across the US. But not only that,

Take a look at this map of confirmed tickets from cities across the globe!

Each of these maps are indicators of how we're achieving our mission to 

Shape the global perception of Orlando as a place known for innovation and creativity. 

And thanks to our partnership with the UCF Center for Public and Nonprofit Management, we know that we're also fulfilling our mission to 

Cultivate a thriving arts community in Central Florida. 

We're doing this by connecting new audiences with our artists and arts organizations. In a survey of over 500 of our attendees, the UCF Center for Public and Nonprofit Management discovered that a large percentage of our audience is encountering the arts for the first time. 

Nearly 50% of our audience members attend fewer than 5 arts and culture events annually. This means, that many of our audience members are encountering our arts organizations for the first time at our annual, signature event the third weekend of every October. 

Join us in Downtown Orlando again on October 21, 2017. 
And stay tuned for some special announcements at a live event at The Abbey in Downtown Orlando on Wednesday, February 22, 2017!