Our mission is three fold :

Cultivate a thriving arts community in Orlando.

We do this by :

  • Paying emerging artists to create work at our annual event
  • Connecting new audiences to existing and established arts organizations.
  • Providing training for artists through workshops and seminars.

Nurture a deeper sense of ownership of and care for Orlando amongst its residents.

By creating meaningful shared experiences in the public spaces of our city, we transform the way its residents see and experiences its people and places.

We do this by : 

  • Making the arts accessible to all through our free annual event.
  • Encouraging artists to consider how architecture and environment affect the relationship between artist and audience – creating unique and meaningful experiences. 

We do this by : 

  • Promoting excellence and high production value in all we do. 
  • Creating experiences audiences can't have anywhere else.
  • Encouraging gross-genre artistic collaboration.
  • Highlighting and recruiting world-class artists innovating in their field.



Shape the global perception of our city as one known for innovation and creativity.