This Week In Art : 10.29.18

An astrological orchestra, a three-story photo experience, a Halloween classic, and an augmented reality tour through Downtown Orlando. It's "This Week In Art."

Snap! Orlando has been working on an AR app that allows you to walk the streets of Downtown Orlando and see 3D renderings of art on your phone. It debuts at City Unseen - A New [AR]t Experience : Opening nightis this Friday with City Unseen : Guided tour happening on Saturday.

- The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra will take their audience on astrological journey Saturday at The Planets. This is a unique orchestral experience that anyone can enjoy.

- IMMERSE 2018 may be over, but The Worlds of Corkcicle and The Giant Ball Pit are open every Friday & Saturday through November 10.

- Dress up and be prepared for flying rice, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience happens this Wednesday at the Garden Theatre.

Get out and get your spooks this week! 👻