This Week In Art : 05.20.19

Groundbreaking theater, this week only. Orlando Fringe continues this week in Orlando Loch Haven Park. Hundreds of shows including :

Are you lovin' it? : A surreal romp with dancing Japanese businessmen, everyone's favorite Krazy Kitty, many Poos and delicious WacDonalds for all.

Spare the Rod : The story of Crayton, an LGBTQ+ man, navigating life with an abusive mother, a loving father, and the art that wouldn’t let him go.

Shakespeare's Terminator the Second : A 17th-century version of the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, constructed solely of lines from the plays of William Shakespeare.

- Also, it's your last week to see Billy Elliot: The Musical at the Garden Theatre.

Whether you're a theatre buff or newbie, get out and see some plays!