A Big Week for Creative City Project!

It has been an exciting week for the Creative City Project! 

We launched a new website.

We announced a free artist workshop featuring Cirque du Soleil Artistic Director, Daniel Ross.

And our Creative City Project 2016 tickets are now available via Eventbrite.

Between today and June 15, 2016, you have the chance to win two free VIP Tickets to Creative City Project 2016. How?

Reserve a $10 donation ticket and get registered to win two free VIP Tickets to Creative City Project 2016 on Saturday, October 15.*

That means you'll get even closer to performances by Cirque du Soleil, Orlando Ballet, Central Florida Community Arts, and this year, for the first time, Orlando Philharmonic. But that's only the beginning. We're hoping to break 1,000 participating artists and performer milestone this year. That's 1,000 artists bringing meaningful and unexpected experiences to streets and public spaces of Downtown Orlando on Saturday, October 15, 2016. 

Not only will you get even closer to the action, your $10 (or more) donation is instrumental in helping bring the Creative City Project to life!

You can also help the Creative City Project by making a donation today! The Creative City Project is a registered arts non-profit, and the event is made possible by generous people just like you!


* no donation is necessary to enter. You can send an email to registerme@creativecityproject.com to enter. But, of course, we'd love your help.