Helping Artists Thrive

The first part of the Creative City Project's mission is to

"Cultivate a thriving arts community in Orlando."

We do this in two primary ways already (more info on that below), and starting next month, we're adding one more opportunity to serve and develop the artists of our community : Artistic Development. 

The Creative City Project thrives on collaboration with artists, and we want to give back as best as we can. 

So, on Thursday, June 9, we are hosting a Creative Process Workshop with Crique du Soleil Artistic Director, Daniel Ross. 

Daniel will be sharing what he's learned about the Creative Process over his decades at Cirque. And then, we'll open the floor for a Q&A.

Register for your free tickets and get more info on Eventbrite.

This workshop adds to the two main ways we're doing our part to cultivate a thriving arts community in Orlando.

Since our inception, we have valued compensating emerging artists for their work as they create as part of the Creative City Project each year. It's been pretty limited so far, but as we continue to grow, this will remain a growing and central priority. We believe that one of the best ways to cultivate a thriving arts community is to contribute to the artists' financial wellbeing. 

In addition to that, we are committed to connecting new audiences with our existing arts organizations. I hear stories on a regular basis of people who buy a ticket to the Orlando Ballet or Drip or connect with Central Florida Community Arts after seeing their performances for the first time at Creative City Project. In addition to that, if you follow us on social media, we hope you're not only seeing offerings from us, but that you're also seeing information about all our region's arts happenings. 

Thanks for being part of the Creative City Project. I hope to see you on June 9. And if you're an arts supporter and believe in the work of the Creative City Project, please consider making a donation today. It's people like you that are essential in elevating Orlando as a city known for creativity and innovation!

Article contributed by, Cole NeSmith. Cole is the Executive Director of the Creative City Project. More info at