Call to Artists : IMMERSE 2019

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A Message To Artists :

Platforming you for an audience of 70,000.
Empowering you to create meaningful and powerful work.
And as we come together, we transform Orlando as a place known for creativity and innovation.

IMMERSE 2019 is coming up on Friday and Saturday October 18 and 19. And it's all about platforming you to transform Downtown Orlando into a wonderland of performance and interactive art.

Dance, Music, Installation Art, Interactive Art, Multi-media Experiences, Cultural Performances, Acrobatics, Visual Art Experiences, and innovative artists that extend beyond just one genre. If you have an idea, let's talk about bringing it to life.

We'll get started with those collaborations on Monday, May 6.

Join us for this informational meeting at 1220 Alden Road in Orlando’s Ivanhoe District. During the meeting,
- We'll give you an inside scoop of what we're planning for IMMERSE 2019.
- We'll talk through the artist application.
- We'll give you an idea of what kinds of things work best for the IMMERSE experience.
- And our staff will be on hand to meet you and start the conversation!

We can't wait to collaborate with you to bring your powerful and exciting experience to life at IMMERSE 2019!

Monday, May 6
6:30 PM
1220 Alden Road

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